About Zonnic nicotine gum

I recently tried a 10-piece box of Zonnic nicotine gum, and want to share my information about it.  Zonic is distributed by Niconovum USA, Inc. a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc.  Designed primarily for retail store sales, the 10-pieces sell for $3.70 each.  Inside the box, is a single dispenser containing 10 pieces of gum distributed by Perrigo in Allegan Michican.  The gum is rectangular in shape and coated.  Available flavors are cinnamon, fruit, and mint.  The gum base has a mint flavor, with different coating flavors.  This gum is manufactured in Denmark, at the same plant as the Novartis Habitrol product.  The gum texture is the same as Habitrol, but the ingredients in the base and coating are different.  We also observed that the Perrigo products contained colorings, and the Habitrol does not.  Perrigo also distributes the GoodSense brand of nicotine gums, any many other generic store brands.  We have no plans to sell Zonic, this is just information about the product.

Written by Tim Gibson — July 13, 2017

Rugby Gum & Patches

We have added Rugby nicotine gum and patches to our product lineup!  These products are made right here in the U.S. Rugby nicotine gum is a premium quality product.

Rugby nicotine gum is available in coated Cinnamon, Fruit, Mint flavors.  The Cinnamon flavor, in both the coating and the gum itself, is almost endless and a new personal favorite. We have Rugby uncoated Mint and Original flavor gum too.  Compare Rugby uncoated Mint to the discontinued Nicotrol Mint.  Compare Rugby uncoated Original to Nicotrol Classic.

Because we use these products ourselves, taste testing was a priority when our inventory arrived.  This gum is square (like Nicotrol or Nicorette), and less bulky in your mouth than Habitrol.  The texture is more like Nicotrol or Nicorette than Habitrol, but just a little softer.  This premium gum has a very nice chewing texture, the flavors last a very long time, and you'll get every last bit of nicotine.

Written by Tim Gibson — June 07, 2017

Habitrol Patches

We have added Habitrol Patches to our product lineup.  The full 3 step program of 21mg, 14mg, and 7mg patches are available at very attractive prices.

Written by Tim Gibson — March 22, 2017

Habitrol Mint Lozenges

We have added sugar free Habitrol Mint Lozenges to our product lineup.  They are available in 1mg and 2mg doses.  Of course we have tried them, and they taste like a quality mint, lasting about 20 minutes.  Lozenges are great during those times when you can't chew gum.  There is no used gum to dispose of.  Lozenges remain stable in warm or hot temperatures, like your pocket or car.  We recommend them as an additional option to nicotine gum.

Written by Tim Gibson — February 20, 2017